Name: Bikeracinggames
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Date added: November 15, 2013
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I forgot his phone number. Can you read that sign ahead of us? I am Clinton calling from London. A tear ran down her cheek. It is likely to be fine tomorrow. Do they take care of the dog? Were you able to open it before, on the computer you're using now? You may go. Oh thanks for inviting me. I'd love to come. My mother is out.
Bikeracinggames: - The price of eggs is going up.
- He hasn't written to them in a long time.
- No wonder your English is so good.
- From time to time.
- The question is who will do it.
- She has been watching television for three hours.
- I didn't do well on the test so my parents chewed me out.
- I have a lot of work to finish up before the end of the week.
- She doesn't live with him.
- I agree with what you say to some extent.
Near the bank. That's not my favorite topic. One of the girls was left behind. He found his parents. I lost my watch. Write your name in capitals. How long have you lived here? Is there a doctor in the house? I have two daughters. I'll be right back.

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