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She tried to squeeze the juice from the orange. I'll be back soon. Doctor, what is the problem with me? Please keep my place in this line. He shot at me. I sat between Tom and John. Tom almost always uses a credit card when he goes shopping. Is this a tax-free shop? We have no extra money. I know you've been avoiding me.
Legaal: - Don't worry. Everything will go off well.
- My son studies computers.
- Sir, would you mind keeping this bag under the seat?
- We'll have lived here for two years next April.
- He is sick.
- On second thoughts...
- There are many fish in this lake.
- He wouldn't believe us.
- On the right.
- Has the Brindavan arrived?
May I talk to Ms. Brown? Should we walk? Mike got back from the library at five. You have to come with me. Why are you so tired today? I'm seeing her this evening. He repaired his watch by himself. What did he ask you? It's impossible for me to believe what you are saying. Have you told anyone about this problem?

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