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He was in good health last summer. I expect that Tom will pass the exam. What did you eat for lunch today? The train didn't wait for me. Where is he? Tom is as tall as any boy in our class. Do you know when they will arrive? Thomas your English is so good. How did you learn it? I don't feel much like talking right now. Good evening.
Jquery Svg Plugin: - Tom is as tall as his father.
- How are you feeling?
- She believed him when he said he loved her.
- I mean it!
- We'll have two glasses of water please.
- What are you into these days?
- She decided to go.
- He is hard to please.
- I never thought I would have to support such a large family.
- Is computer an advanced Technology?
After the rain had let up a bit, we made a dash for the car. Can I ask a favour? He was cleaning his room. Mary took out the eggs one by one. I wanted some salt, but there was none in the jar. It doesn't matter, but don't make it a habit. The book is next to the table. I admire his talent. He's a camera expert. He watches TV every day.

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