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She's wearing a great-looking hat. It's ahead of schedule. Do you know where my glasses are? I want to see my friends in Canada. As soon as she saw me, she started to cry. Oh yes, it's almost Christmas, isn't it. I'm not sure what I'll be doing then. I forgot to telephone him today. OK, I'll do that. I have to go now. It was really nice seeing you again. You should work hard. I rode my bike.
Pamda: - I am a B.Com., graduate.
- Yeah, my mother-in-law will be leaving here around 2PM.
- That desk is too small for Meg.
- After that, he went home.
- Let's play baseball.
- He stopped smoking because his wife and children asked him to.
- I have three brothers and two sisters.
- He let me stay for a night.
- She lost her way.
- I didn't expect that Mary would come so soon.
Where is today's paper? He has great confidence in himself. He went fishing instead of playing tennis. Write it down here, please. He played the guitar and she played the piano. I go by scooter. Yes. It's sore. I had a healthy breakfast. The hotel is run by his uncle. My job is taking care of the baby.

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