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It was a nice evening. Tom decided to take matters into his own hands. If you don't want to go to that party, you don't have to. May I borrow your car? No one can tell. Mr. Smith came. We enjoyed watching TV. This textbook is good. Tom didn't have dinner last night. When do you expect him back?
Download Recnik: - I spoke to him in English, but I couldn't make myself understood.
- I'll bring my sister to the party.
- We were very tired.
- I have a bitter taste in the mouth.
- Did you return the book?
- Where would you like to go next?
- Tom managed a small bar near Boston for quite a few years.
- She sings well.
- He was wearing a frown.
- Tom managed a small bar near Boston for quite a long time.
Where do you look for him? He named his son Robert after his own father. He was reading a newspaper. She loves him. I work at a software company downtown. I'm an engineer. It pays to be polite. Be sure to drop us a line as soon as you get to London. I can swim. I don't like her face. Tom held a seat for me.

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